Michael’s Story

Raising kids as a single parent is hard enough. Fighting every day to keep them, and keep them safe, is the hardest thing Michael has ever done.

Audrey’s Story

When Audrey was five, she visited a United Way-supported health care clinic requiring specialty medical services for a serious eye condition.

Jessica’s Story

With help from the United Way Young Parents’ Child Care Scholarship and United Way THRIVE, Jessica finished school and started a new career.

John’s Story

The Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund helped homebound seniors John and his wife with home-delivered meals, food, and other assistance during the pandemic.

Meet Leticia, a Bright Beginnings Partner

Leticia Herrera from ABC Home Child Care, a United Way Bright Beginnings Child Care Center, talks about how Bright Beginnings helps her best serve children and families.

Meet Cathy from funded partner, ECHOS

Cathy Moore of Funded Partner, ECHOS, talks about how, with United Way's support, ECHOS helps clients land on their feet - and stay there.

Meet Armando from funded partner, MECA

Armando Silva from United Way funded partner, MECA, talks about partnering with United Way to create impact in our community.

Linda’s Story

Linda had been a United Way donor for many years but never thought that she would need United Way’s help herself. 

Tyeisha’s Story

Tyeisha was ready to make a change in her career and her life. United Way was here to help.

Dionell’s Story

With her children grown up and out of the house, mother-of-four Dionell was looking for a new career.

Sara’s Story

For Sara, life after service was tough. She had trouble adjusting back into civilian life and was desperate for help when she was connected with United Way Mission United.

Andy’s Story

Andy is a veteran, so when he called the 211 Texas/United Way HELPLINE, he was immediately connected with a veterans specialist and the Mission United network.

Don’s Story

At his wife’s urging, Don finally called 211. He had been in pain for a long time and his wife couldn’t watch him deteriorate any longer.

David’s Story

When David became ill, lost his job, and found himself experiencing ALICE, United Way THRIVE helped him rebuild his life.

Mark’s Story

United Way THRIVE supported Mark in his efforts to build a better life for his family by providing education, job training, coaching, and more.

Christie’s Story

With help from United Way THRIVE, Christie was able to get back on her feet and buy a home for her family after escaping an abusive relationship.

Keyonna’s Story

United Way THRIVE supported Keyonna in her effort to start a new career that would allow her to support her family and spend more time with her kids.

Caroline’s Story

United Way THRIVE was here to help Caroline navigate getting back into the workforce during the pandemic.

Christopher’s Story

After his military service, Christopher turned to United Way THRIVE for help with job training and other skills needed to start a new career.

Darryl’s Story

The mentors he met through a United Way program changed Darryl’s life, influenced him to become an engineer, and inspired him to become a mentor himself.

Daisy’s Story

United Way THRIVE helped Daisy get a job earning 40% more and learn how to manage her finances to help prepare to buy a home for her family.

Marissa’s Story

With support from United Way THRIVE, Marissa gained the financial knowledge and skills to achieve financial stability and purchase a home for her family.

Amanda’s Story

United Way THRIVE helped Amanda get the skills and education she needed to start a new career as an electrician.

Sheila’s Story

With support from United Way THRIVE, Sheila rejoined the workforce.

Susan and Jack’s Story

COVID-19 took a lot from Susan and Jack. The Greater Houston COVID-19 Recovery Fund was here to help.

Angela and Craig’s Story

The February 2021 winter storm damaged Angela and Craig's home--and their progress.

Bryson’s Story

With help from United Way, Bryson kicked her addiction and rebuilt her life.

Laura’s Story

In United Way Bright Beginnings, Laura’s social and emotional skills blossomed, and she built the foundation to be a star student.

Joseph’s Story

United Way Bright Beginnings helped Joseph develop, grow, and prepare to start and succeed in kindergarten.

Ralston’s Story

A United Way-supported mentoring and enrichment program helped make sure Ralston could see beyond where he grew up, go to college, and pursue his dreams.

Maxine’s Story

United Way-sponsored services, like home-delivered meals and check-ins from volunteers, allow Maxine to remain independent.

Lily and Patsy’s Story

Patsy is a volunteer companion who provides assistance and companionship that help Lily remain independent.