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Meet Daisy There are situations in life that can come up unexpectedly and throw all of our plans off course, like becoming a single parent or losing a job. For Daisy, both of those things happened at once, and she knew she had to do something to secure a better future for herself and her young daughter. When Daisy found United Way THRIVE, the better future she’d dreamed of started to become real. Through United Way THRIVE, Daisy got the help with her resume, interview skills, and professional clothing that helped her land a job making nearly 40 percent more than she was before. Financial coaching, credit counseling, and help building a budget gave Daisy the tools to gain control of her finances for the first time. She opened an Individual Development Account to build savings and enrolled in financial education classes to improve her credit and learn to better manage her expenses. And, with United Way’s free tax preparation, Daisy was able to pay off debt and child care expenses—and even put a little into savings. With the skills, confidence and financial independence she’s gained through United Way THRIVE, Daisy is managing her everyday expenses and even has a fund set aside for emergencies. Just two years after United Way THRIVE helped her land that job, Daisy has been promoted three times, and is now working as an accounting clerk. She recently got married and has another child on the way. She continues to work with United Way THRIVE, as she and her husband have a new goal: to buy a home for their growing family.