Meet Angela and Craig Angela and Craig, like many others, faced the unimaginable when their home flooded during Hurricane Harvey. After being denied assistance, they were referred to a nonprofit to get the help they desperately needed to rebuild their house. It took nearly two years before they were finally able step foot into their home again. Then the pandemic hit, and when it did, Angela lost her job and Craig's health left him unable to continue his yard work business. With jobs tough to find during the pandemic and intent on building a better future for her family, Angela enrolled in online college courses. "Everything fell on me. I had to push myself to move forward in life and to take care of my husband, children, and everything else going on," said Angela. When the February 2021 winter storm hit, the home Angela and Craig had worked so hard to rebuild was once again damaged. They were devastated. Thankfully, with the help of the Houston Harris County Winter Storm Relief Fund, Angela and Craig are on the way to get the repairs they need for their home so they can once again focus on their family. "It's hard to find help, especially in a time of need," Angela said. "I really appreciate the assistance we've received."