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United Way THRIVE supported Keyonna in her effort to start a new career that would allow her to support her family and spend more time with her kids. Meet Keyonna When you’re working two jobs and 16 hours a day, you don’t have the time or energy for much else. Keyonna was doing what she had to do to support her family, but that left her unable to do much else and she was missing the chance to be there for her kids. When two of her kids ended up in summer school because of their grades, Keyonna knew she needed to be home more to help them with school. Right then and there, she committed to making a change. And the first step was getting the skills she needed to get a better job. Through United Way THRIVE, Keyonna started a job­training program. She attended all of the training and courses in Saturdays so she could continue working the two jobs she needed to support her family. It was a sacrifice, but one she knew would pay off. When she finished the training program, United Way THRIVE was there to help her create a resume that would get attention, fill out job applications, and prepare for interviews. “It was hard working two jobs and going to classes on Saturdays,” says Keyonna. “But I knew if I kept working hard and kept going to classes on Saturdays, there would be a pay off.” Pretty soon, Keyonna landed a job as a Certified Sterile Processing Technician. Her new job pays more than her previous two jobs combined and gives her plenty of time with her kids. She goes to their baseball games, takes them to scouting, helps them with homework, and is there to sit down at the dinner table with them. “Through United Way THRIVE, I was able to get a career, not just a job,” Keyonna says. “Life is just better.” And Keyonna isn’t stopping there. She is working on another certification that will allow her to move up and become a manager. She is also working hard to build up her credit because her next big goal is to buy a home for her family. Keyonna has a lot to be proud of, but to her, nothing compares to seeing how proud her kids are of their mom.