Meet Maxine Maxine is 94 years old and fiercely independent. She spent many years traveling the country before settling down in Houston. Now that she lives alone and can’t get around like she used to, Maxine counts on United Way for healthy food and visits from caring volunteers. Maxine can no longer drive herself to the grocery store or to restaurants. She can no longer cook all of her meals. And, because she now spends nearly all of her time at home, she is at risk for accidents and isolation. Through a United Way home‐delivered meals program for seniors, Maxine gets a nutritious meal each day plus a bag of nonperishable breakfast items and frozen food to get her through the weekend. The delivery not only gives Maxine enough to eat, but also provides her a good balance of nutritious foods. And, the volunteer delivery driver stops in to chat and make sure Maxine is doing well. “I can be more self‐reliant and not worry about my next meal,” Said Maxine. “It’s nice to have somebody stop by…just to make sure that you’re still up and going, that you don’t need any help. It’s a bright spot to the day.” Though she never wanted to ask for help, Maxine knows she wouldn’t be able to continue living on her own without the assistance she receives from United Way. “It really helps me in so many ways,” she says. “Now I can be as independent as anybody else.”