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Meet Sheila When Sheila came to United Way THRIVE, she was unemployed. The company she worked for and gone through a restructure and Sheila’s position had been eliminated. Sheila was concerned that her age and lack of computer skills would prevent her from finding another job that would lead to a career. She knew that finding a new position in today’s market would require her to beef up her technical and administrative skills, so she turned to United Way THRIVE for support. A United Way THRIVE coach talked with Sheila about her goals and helped her secure a THRIVE scholarship to take a training course that would help her build both skills and confidence. Soon after, Sheila was able to secure a position making $18 an hour and with benefits. And, a month later, she was promoted to a new position making $22 an hour and earning full benefits. Securing a new career is only the first step for Sheila. United Way THRIVE continues to support her along her pathway to financial stability and achieving her goals.