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14% of households across Greater Houston are living on wages below the federal poverty threshold, and another 31% of households are working hard but can’t afford the basic necessities of life.


And that’s not okay.


We unite donors, volunteers, and community partners to help our neighbors land on their feet and stay there.


With your support, United Way of Greater Houston creates opportunities for people in our community to prosper.


Here’s how:

Financial Stability

programs including vocational training, employment coaching, financial coaching, safe and affordable financial products.

Early Childhood and Youth Development

programs including early childhood education, quality child care, out-of-school programs, college and career readiness programs, and parent engagement.

Health Care

programs including primary and specialty health care services and behavioral health care services.

Those key components are supported by a foundation of safety net programs, which includes:

Basic Needs

assistance including rent/mortgage assistance, utility assistance, access to technology, shelter, transportation, food assistance.

Escape from Violence

including immediate, short-term services focused on safety for those fleeing domestic violence or human trafficking, or for vulnerable populations, like refugees.

Some of the things that make this approach unique:

Integrated Client Journey

that starts by creating a partnership with the families we serve. It is about families deciding what their pathway looks like with support from a Navigator who serves as a personal guide. It allows individuals and families to create their own customized plans for programs and services based on their unique goals and needs. Then, rather than working separately to address individual needs, partners will coordinate programs to make it easy for clients to engage across services as needed.

a hug


play a key role in the Integrated Client Journey. They work one-on-one with individuals and families to determine their goals and build an individualized pathway to achieving those goals, make connections to programs and services, and support clients as they move through their journey to stability.

Focus on Equity

so we can begin to make headway against racism and underrepresentation. All of our investments in services and agencies are evaluated on how they incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into policies, practices, and service delivery.