Susan and Jack’s Story Susan contracted COVID-19 last June and had to be hospitalized. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Jack, her husband of 48 years, wasn’t allowed to visit his wife in the hospital, but the two made it work by communicating over the phone. Not long after Susan was hospitalized, Jack became sick from COVID-19. The couple’s three children urged their father to go to the hospital, but Jack refused and his illness worsened. On June 26, Jack lost his life to COVID-19. Once Susan recovered and was released from the hospital, the family quarantined and was able to hold a funeral service for Jack. In addition to mourning the loss of her husband, Susan is dealing with lingering issues related to COVID-19. She has trouble maintaining her balance and falls frequently – issues for which she is seeing a neurologist. With medical bills and funeral expenses mounting, Susan applied for assistance through the COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund. The support from the fund helped her pay for Jack’s funeral and her hospital stay. During a time of tragic loss and great uncertainty, Susan is grateful for the support of the Lost Loved One Fund and is looking forward to being healthy once again.