ExxonMobil and United Way present Bright Beginnings at Nashville conference
Anna M. Babin (left) and Sue Payne.
United Way and ExxonMobil presented United Way Bright Beginnings’ 10-year results at United Way Worldwide’s international Community Leaders Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in May.

Sue Payne, current COO of Exxon Mobil Corporation’s National Math and Science Initiative, and Anna M. Babin, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Houston, made the presentation to more than 100 workshop participants. They talked about the strong 60-year partnership between ExxonMobil and United Way, and how the two organizations came together in 2002 to create United Way Bright Beginnings, an early education program designed to help children from lower income families succeed in school and in life.

Payne and Babin discussed the program’s best practices that have helped children achieve social, emotional, physical and cognitive milestones and prepared them to enter school ready to learn and grow. They also shared successes, such as students of Bright Beginnings outperforming their peers in public school on 45 of 51 standardized achievement tests.

“Ensuring that we are preparing a strong, educated workforce for the future is absolutely vital to business and to our society overall. That is why getting a good start in early education programs like United Way Bright Beginnings is fundamental to every child so they have the opportunity to reach their full potential,” Payne said.

United Way Bright Beginnings has touched more than 5,000 children in the Greater Houston area in its first 10 years, and has become a model for improving the academic success of children from lower-income families.

United Way of Greater Houston is proud to present the history and philosophy of United Way Bright Beginnings, as well as the achievements of the program’s first 10 years in The Impact of United Way Bright Beginnings.

For more information about United Way Bright Beginnings, contact Katherine von Haefen.

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